Introduction to the IDEA Fund

Can we know and embody a good together, that we cannot realize alone?

The IDEA (Interfaith Dialogue and Entrepreneurial Activities) Fund operates and supports innovative programs and projects for the betterment of communities of faith and society at large.  It was formed on the conviction that friendship, trust, and action offer people of faith a path to follow in our broken world.


“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.”  ~ Khalil Gibran

Our basis for friendship and trust with one another is rooted in the belief that God was a friend of Abraham.  As children of Abraham, we can be friends with one another, to trust one another with our hopes, our lives, our future, and our children’s future.


“It is the problem of concreteness that at present so occupies me.”  ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We believe actions change the world.  For all children of Abraham, life is a pilgrimage, a journey on which we learn, grow and accomplish good things for the betterment of each other and the societies we live.  Social entrepreneurs seek creative solutions for major societal problems, often culling insights from governments, businesses, and NGOs, combined with their own creative instincts to tackle difficult challenges.  It takes work.  It takes time, but it is a journey we embrace. As an African proverb declares, “If you want to go fast, walk alone.  If you want to go far, walk together.”


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