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Following and extending from the 15th Annual Conference on Citizenship, organized by the Center for the Study of Citizenship at Wayne State University, April 12-14, 2018, the Interfaith Curricular Development Workshop- A Transatlantic Perspective was convened to discuss the development of inclusive K-12 curricula that are responsive to the needs of students of varying religious and cultural backgrounds. The workshop was sponsored by the Center for Study of Citizenship, the Cohn-Haddow Center for Judaic Studies, both at Wayne State University; the Grand Rapids based Idea Fund, and London based Forum for Change.

These sessions showcased similarities and contrasts in the development of such curricula and focus on challenges and solutions to the issues such engagement raises. Held in an informal roundtable structure, the sessions brought together academics and practitioners to discuss approaches, challenges, and desired outcomes regarding interfaith curricular development. The conversations and idea generation will continue after the workshop with the establishment of a virtual portal, hosted and administered by the Center for Study of Citizenship, that will allow workshop participants and other interested individuals and organizations to contribute to developing curricula based on shared experience, expertise and collaboration. To read a comprehensive summary of the workshop, please follow this link: Summary of the Interfaith Curricular Development Workshop


Muhammad Ishtiaq, Muslim Chaplain, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

Saeed Khan, Department of Near East & Asian Studies, Wayne State University 

Keith Huey, Chair, Department of Religion and Bible, Rochester College (Michigan) Developing a Muslim-Christian Dialogue Course at an Evangelical College

Ida Glaser, Academic Director of the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in Oxford (UK), and Rice University Curricular Development in the UK

Sidra Ali, Harvard Divinity School Curricular Development, Harvard Divinity School 

Howard Lupovitch, Director, Cohn Haddow Center for Judaic Studies, Wayne State University Curricular development through trust building

Norman Lewis, Information Systems Management, Mike Ilitch School of Business, Wayne State University


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At the invitation of the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE), The IDEA Fund is sponsoring a panel on new directions in Christian-Muslim relations, based on the work being developed by the IDEA Fund.  The conference theme, “Learning to Listen, Listening to Learn.” will give an opportunity for four participants from our IDEA Generator’s Conference, along with Professor John Barton of Pepperdine, to share some of the principles, processes and practices we've learned and seek to exemplify in our work to build trust and communities of practice diverse cultural and religious communities that benefit all of society.

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The IDEA Fund co-sponsored its first IDEA Generators Conference (IGC), which focused on care for the environment, in Chicago, May 27-30, 2016. This IGC built on the best of what happens in scholarly exchange programs, interfaith conversations, interdisciplinary scholarship and professional networking associations to develop workable solutions to real problems that touch the lives of Muslim and Christian faith communities, and society at large.  Over the course of these 3+ days, talented individuals committed to generating positive social change gathered in teams to design projects related to a specific theme.  This inaugural IGC solicited projects that are a) are based at university campuses, b) are focused on care for the environment, and c) bring Muslim and Christian faith communities together.

An onsite video taken at the IDEA Generators Conference in Chicago, featuring Sidra Ali, a student at Harvard University, and other IGC participants.

The IGC's also gave participants a chance to share their own stories and experiences, to view additional videos taken at the conference please click the button below.

To read the IGC press release, please click here: IGC Press Release

“The entire weekend brought me great comfort and joy, having the opportunity to learn from environmentalists, leaders of faith-based organizations, and students involved in environmental projects, globally, I was able to open my eyes and learn new things about the reasons why people of faith care so greatly about our world and environment.
— Suehaila Amen, Coordinator of International Admissions & Recruiting Coordinator, University of Michigan-Dearborn
“I was able to form strong relationships with other people with whom I shared much in common due to our shared love for creation; I felt that my background, interests, and experience were validated through this conference in an incredible way. There are few other settings where this could happen in such a short time with genuine affirmation. This enables me to live out my interests into the future.”
— - Sean Lyon, Student, Wheaton College

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